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Besides the physical and spiritual healings, there have been many other miraculous signs in Medjugorje since that first apparition in 1981. The speed at which the children ran up the rocky hill of Podbrdo on June 25th was impossible, yet many witnesses said it was true. Witnesses claim that it was almost as if the children “floated” up the hill, on top of the rocks and boulders and over the thorn bushes instead of through them. On the third day of the apparitions, a bright light was seen throughout the whole area, and people from other villages and towns came to see what was happening. Even government officials confirmed this fact.

August 2nd, 1981 was he first date of the miracle of the sun, dancing and spinning and the sun assumed the formation of the shape of hearts. Since that time this unusual occurrence has happened so often that it is almost expected during any important feast day or special time. It has been witnessed by thousands of villagers and pilgrims alike, countless times throughout the years. The sun actually spins in the sky and gives off beautiful colors. Some people have seen the sun turn into a heart, at other times people claim to have seen three circles of the sun that interlock to represent the Holy Trinity, and at other times people have seen the shape of the cross or the spinning and moving of the sun across the sky coming closer to earth and then returning to its original position (similar to the miracle of the sun at the Fatima apparition - except at Medjugorje it has happened many times).

On August 6th, 1981, the word “MIR”, which means peace in Croation, was seen in the sky over the cross on Mt. Krizevac. Visionary Vicka Ivankovic meets with pilgrims.

The luminary phenomena are another incredible sign at Medjugorje. At times the cross on Mt. Krizevac has turned into a pillar of light and some people have seen the form of a woman standing in the center of the light. This phenomenon has also been seen by many people on many different occasions. Our Lady told the children that she prays at the foot of the cross every day. On October 28th, 1981 an unusual fire broke out on the top of the hill, seen by the police, villagers and the priests. It burned about fifteen minutes but when they reached the top of the mountain to put the fire out, nothing could be found. There was absolutely no trace of a fire on the hill. Cameras have captured these phenomena as well as the silhouette of Our Blessed Mother at other times.

And perhaps the most common occurrence is the changing of colors of rosaries. Hundreds of pilgrims have attested to the fact that the links between the beads on their rosary’s had changed color, from the traditional silver to a gold color, while saying the rosary at or on behalf of Our Mother at Medjugorje.

Most interesting is the behavior of the visionaries themselves, which shows a sign of something supernatural happening. The visionaries always fall to their knees at exactly he same moment, look up and focus on exactly the same spot, and start their prayers at exactly the same time in a most improbable manner. It has been postulated that with such critical observation from authorities, such precise timing and behavior could not possibly be conceived or efficiently replicated if fraudulent, even with much practice and rehearsing. No, something is happening to all these children at precisely the same instant and in the same manner... something Divine.

SCIENTIFIC TESTS: Unlike previous apparitions where scientific tests did not exist, these visionaries have all been subjected to sophisticated scientific tests to authorize the validity of their reports. These findings, well known in the European scientific community, offer precise confirmation that the ecstasy of the young people in Medjugorje is neither dream nor epilepsy, hallucination nor hysteria, nor catalepsy. They are not lying, nor is there anything pathological about them. The neuro- psychiatric, medico-psychological, and somatological tests to which these young people were subjected showed them to be absolutely normal and that there were no psychopathological indications. Additional tests including hypnosis shows that there was no evidence of preconditioning events either in the recent or more distant past. Electrocardiograms show that ecstasy does not suppress normal physiology but somehow transcends it, and electro- encephalograms eliminated any possibility of either epilepsy or individual or group hallucination. An electrooculogram confirmed simultaneous synchronizations of the eyes, confirming objectivity of the apparition. Other tests of a sensory nature, also confirmed that in many ways ordinary perception and response no longer functions - active eyeball activity ceases; the pupil no longer reacts to light; stimuli from the auditory nerve reach neither the cortex nor consciousness of the subject; the visionaries perceive a very real, three dimensional person ‘whom they can touch’; their faces are perfectly at peace and relaxed, the entire appearance is one of happiness and contentment - even Vicka’s sighs express this overjoyment in a most compelling manner; and while in ecstasy, the children failed to feel several physical pains purposefully inflicted (a needle prick hard enough to draw blood, a burning iron point, etc.)

No other visionary has ever been tested by such sophisticated means and to such elaborate extremes as the visionaries of Medjugorje. Together, the scientific and medical tests in combination with the sightings and luminary phenomena, in combination with the physical and spiritual healings certainly prove beyond doubt that Divine Intervention is occurring in this little town in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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As with many of the Marian apparitions throughout the world, physical and spiritual healings have often accompanied the apparitions as a tender blessing of God’s love and mercy to a faithful people, and as a sign of what devotion to God will naturally yield: good...through faith, prayer and acts of charity. There have been literally many hundreds of physical healings at Medjugorje, and many were well documented with medical certificates. There have been so many, in fact, that even the most ardent disbeliever now understands Our Mother’s messages - that with faith, prayer and fasting, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

News of the apparitions had spread rapidly since that first day on June 24, 1981, and within a week there were more people than ever on Mt. Podbrdo –– the hill of apparitions. On the sixth day, one family had heard and come from a town a long way away. Mr. and Mrs. Setka had brought their three children to pray for a miracle. Their three year old son Danijel could not talk or walk. They asked the visionaries if they would ask Our Lady to cure Danijel.

The light flashed and the children ran to the Madonna. They were joined by thousands of people who said the rosary, sang hymns and said the seven Medjugorje prayers. “Dear Madonna,” the children begged, “Will this little boy Danijel, ever be able to speak? Please make a miracle so that everyone will believe us. These people love you very much Dear Madonna!” Our Lady looked at tiny Danijel and smiled. “Let them pray and firmly believe that he will be healed. Go in the peace of God.” “She has gone,” said the children.

Jakov ran to Danijel’s parents. “You must pray and firmly believe. If you do, Danijel will be cured.”

The parents thanked the children and knelt and prayed with the people. On their way home, the Setka family stopped at a restaurant to eat. “Give me a drink,” said Danijel. His parents stared in amazement. He had never spoken before. It was truly a miracle. Gradually Danijel Setka learned how to walk and talk. The paralysis completely left him. This was the first of many known healings at Medjugorje.

There is the story of Ireland’s David Parkes, a famous Irish singer, also an atheist, who was suffering immense pain from Chron’s Disease. He had ten surgeries, the last lasting eleven hours, and was informed that the doctors could no longer be of help, it would only be a matter of time until he died. He went to Medjugorje “on holiday”, but to placate his wife he agreed to “a blessing.” He felt an incredible heat in his body, and fell unconscious for twenty minutes. He awoke, free of all physical pain, and experiencing the greatest peace he had ever known. Although weak, he climbed to the top of Mt. Prodbro, and asked the Blessed Mother to teach him how to pray. David made a pact with the Blessed Mother that in gratitude for his great blessings, he would record the pro-life song “Let Me Live.” If it saved even one unborn child it would be worth everything. In May of 1993, that song was sung at the National Concert Hall in Ireland, with 50,000 people in attendance, and was carried live over national television, at the request of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who had come to Ireland’s Marian Shrine to speak out for life. She smiled the whole time it was sung.

There was Kevin’s story, a child from upstate New York who was critically ill from several chronic conditions including seizure disorder, chronic lung disease, immune deficiency, and neuromuscular disorder. Kevin was not expected to live. The father was addicted to alcohol and drugs. The parents’ marriage was falling apart, and they might go months without even speaking. In Medjugorje, they all embraced during Mass when the apparition of the Blessed Mother began, and only Jesus and Mary knew of the intensity of their prayers - to be a family - whole and in peace once again.

The three of them, child and mother and father, had climbed Apparition Hill. When the Blessed Mother arrived they could see the cross on top of the Hill glow. It was so bright they stated they could feel the warmth flowing from it. As the glow faded, the rains stopped and all on the hill realized that all their ponchos and clothing were completely dry. People began crying and pointing to the cross, and they all saw tiny silver stars, like sparklers, shooting off all around it. Everyone immediately knelt and began to pray.

Before falling asleep, Kevin told his parents, “I was cold and wanted to cry. Then I felt warm and good. I felt Our Lady all around me, and I felt very warm.”

The next day at Mass Kevin had a seizure that lasted several minutes. As the family began to board the bus to return, a woman from the pilgrimage came up to see little Kevin, excited about what happened to him. The woman stated that she saw Kevin look up into the church statue of the Blessed Mother, and speak to her and then fall asleep for about three minutes. When asked, Kevin replied to his parents that he had spoken to Our Lady and she had spoken to him, telling him to be good and promising that he’d feel better soon.

It was later that his parents realized that little Kevin wasn’t experiencing a seizure, but that it was his body quivering as the sickness left his body that day. The father has recovered from his drug dependency and is now a Eucharistic Minister and Pastoral Care Minister, attending Mass on a daily basis as possible. They have started a Cenacle meeting, and a prayer group, and most importantly now, is their family prayer time. The family is close and intimate once again, the doctors have remarked on Kevin’s amazing improvement, and now with all the anger and hurt gone - they all feel extremely blessed and in God’s great mercy and grace.

There is the story of Marie, of Rochester, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As her disease progressed, she began living an increasingly isolated life. She was told that nothing could be done medically about the condition. But while praying the rosary one day, she noticed that tiny gold hearts had appeared on many of the beads of the rosary. This and all that she had heard about Medjugorje, piqued her curiosity, and she traveled to Medjugorje with her mother. She attended mass at St. James Church. When Fr. Jozo concluded his talk and called upon the Blessed Mother to intercede and to heal the sick, something wonderful happened and Marie felt well again. She stepped into the aisle and realized that God had cured her, because she had perfect balance again. She felt completely refreshed, and immediately told her mother that she had been cured. Suddenly a tremendous energy began to pour out of the left side of her body in waves, the side that had been most affected by the Muscular Sclerosis. The jerking movement continued on and off for about 15 to 20 minutes. She has been completely healthy ever since, and all she can say today is, “Praise the Lord for His great mercy on me.”

Perhaps the best known of the physical miracles is Rita Klaus, and extraordinary testimony of God’s unwavering love and mercy. Rita Klaus was confined to a wheelchair, with Multiple Sclerosis, and due to her deep devotion to God and the Blessed Mother, was miraculously healed. But there are so many more.

Susan suffered from Encephalomyelitis and was confined to a wheelchair, before her miraculous healing in Medjugorje;
An Asian woman was cured of cancer;
Sean, a five year old boy, was cured of deafness;
Marie, who suffered from a compression fracture of the seventh vertebra, was cured instantly on August 8, 1983 (the most recent X-rays of her vertebral column show no traces of lesions);
Diana was cured of blindness in her right eye, impairment of motor functioning (which rendered both her upper and lower members impotent), total urinary incontinence, and multiple sclerosis;
Matija, who was a paraplegic after a stroke, was cured after she felt a strong current, like electricity, all through her body when at St. James Church in Medjugorje;
Antonija, a little girl two years old, was badly burned, and the doctor said she wouldn’t be able to walk for a month and a half. Her parents went to the place of apparitions and prayed for her, and that evening she began to walk, two days later the burned areas were healed over, and she was healed;
Cvija had suffered for eleven years with degenerative arthritis, but was cured after praying the seven Medjugorje prayers and washing in water mixed with earth from the Hill of Apparitions;
Dubravko went to Medjugorje and was healed of leukemia.

Hundreds of other cases have been reported such as this, “I was an alcoholic. In spite of my own efforts and many treatments, I couldn’t stop drinking. I stopped the day after going to Medjugorje.” Through Medjugorje, people have been cured of chronic pain, of drug addiction and tobacco addiction, of phobias, tumors and diseases.

Besides all the physical healings, the spiritual healings are even more notable. There was the man who for seventeen years was without any sacraments or faith. He was a cocaine addict who had planned the following week to kill his brother-in-law. For whatever reason, a friend had given him a video on Our Blessed Mother and Medjugorje. He watched it one Saturday morning and dropped to his knees and wept the entire time. He decided to go to confession and reconciled his life with God, and today he is a saintly man and a daily communicant...after seventeen years away from God’s grace.

It meant the healing of Mike B. and the healing of 20 years of anger, bitterness and rage that he carried around with him. It meant the conversion of an inmate, Mike G., and the strong faith and love that is winning the hearts and souls of men in prison. And it means, literally, millions more of spiritual healings and conversions, and of people finding joy through finding their way home.

The physical healings are a sign of the power of faith and prayer, and the spiritual healings - the grace and mercy, the relief of so much pain and burden, are yet, even greater signs for all of us of the love of God.