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Fr. Donald Calloway speaks about his love for our Blessed Mother. He tells how he begged Our Lady to protect him so that he would not be besieged with all the “negative” influences in the world. He encourages all of us to have a relationship with our Blessed Mother, he said it will change your life.


On October 13, 2022 the Queen of Peace Apostolate held a "Day of Prayer" at the Notre Dame Retreat House in Canandaigua, NY. Fr. Paul Bonacci, the Spiritual Director of the Queen of Peace Apostolate gave this talk on "The Power of Prayer".



Fr. Donald Calloway gave this amazing talk which included the topic of Fetal Microchimerism, a scientifically proven phenomenon of the process by which the fetal cells of a child remain in the mother after her pregnancy. When a woman becomes sick, those fetal cells that remained in her, go to the cluster of cells that are sick to fight off the sickness and make her well!


This video is about a miraculous event that began in the small village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the former Yugoslavia. Our presenter
is Fr. Paul Bonacci, Spiritual Director for the Queen of Peace Apostolate.



"Live The Message" message video (English)
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Ivan Dragicevic - Medjugorje Visionary 1998 Talk at the 5th Annual
Rochester Marian Conference. Our Lady has been giving messages to him that have remained consistent and are as relevant today as they were then. Our Lady has asked him to pray for young people and for priests.



This video is of a talk given by Fr. Svet in Medjugorje in September of 2010.
We were in attendance on behalf of the Queen of Peace Apostolate. Fr. Svet was kind enough to meet with us after the talk and give a personal welcome to the attendees of our upcoming Marian Conference entitled "To Jesus Through Mary" to be held this June 25th at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY. www.QueenofPeaceApostolate.com


David Parkes went to Medjugorje for the first time in 1989, thinking it would be his last “holiday” with his wife. The victim of severe Crohn’s Disease, he had undergone ten major bowel operations and the medical team working on his case had made it clear there was nothing more they could do for him. We filmed David in September 2010, and he shared his amazing testimony with us



Fr. Bonacci's homily during the morning Mass at the Finger Lakes Marian Conference, June 25th, 2011, at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, NY.
He has been to Medjugorje four times and serves as the Spiritual Director for the Queen of Peace Apostolate. His ministry throughout the diocese has focused upon living the messages of the Blessed Mother for the return of peace and reconciliation with the Father. 


In 1991 we were fortunate to film one of the visionaries, Ivan Dragicevic as he gave talks in parish churches in the Finger Lakes Area. We also filmed this interview with Ivan, conducted by Fr. Albert J. M. Shamon. In this interview he talks about the importance of praying as a family, especially the family rosary.



This is a talk given by Lena Shipley at the Finger Lakes Marian Conference on June 25th, 2011 at the Smith Opera House in Geneva NY. Sponsored by the Queen of Peace Apostolate in honor of the 30th anniversary of the appearances of Our Lady in Medjugorje.


 Many years ago, Fr. Albert J. M. Shamon presented this talk on
“The Power of the Rosary.” He explained that the rosary is a “thinking prayer.” It helps us to contemplate the mysteries of Our Lord’s life, and it drives home four great truths of religion.


Fr. Neil Buchlein - Fruits of Medjugorje
So many lives have been changed by visiting Medjugorje. What is the secret to having one’s life changed and does one have to travel there to experience change? Our lives are indeed blessed by God. Are we aware of how we can attain more blessings (fruits) if only we would avail ourselves?


 On June 25, 2021 the Queen of Peace Apostolate sponsored a "Medjugorje Night": Exposition, Rosary, Benediction & Mass to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Our Blessed Mother's apparitions in Medjugorje.



Fr. Neil Buchlein - Gifts of the Eucharist
Many Catholics today have become Protestant Catholics when it comes to believing in the Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament. How do we know that the Eucharist is really the Body of Christ? If we really did see it change from bread into human flesh would we be different and if so how? 


 In 1991 this clip was captured at Most Holy Rosary Church in Syracuse, prior to the Holy Mass, and Ivan's talk. The room was dark and a small group was invited to experience the apparition as it was happening. Fr. Albert J.M Shamon led prayers as we awaited the coming of our mother. Ivan explained Our Lady's words briefly after she departed.